Hello & thanks for dropping by. I feel lucky that you have somehow managed to land on my #blog, instead of any of the other 152 million blogs, websites, and cat videos.


Who am I?

I am Rohit Majumdar. I work as a #digital technology consultant with a big technology services company in India. Very corporate, I know. I have also started to recently call myself a blogger/writer. Almost certain that I suffer from digital ADD and like to think of myself as an early adopter. Sometimes I’m not.


What am I interested in?

Pretty much everything related to the #internet. I truly believe it’s a great leveller, not only as a communication medium but as the foundation for 21st century business models.

I get a kick out of entrepreneurs and start-ups doing innovative and interesting new things in areas of digital #content, e-commerce, #marketing (not a dirty word), new #media, and #entertainment.

I love #books and reading in general. Although, these days I read a lot more stuff online than actual physical books. Having said that, I will admit that there is no better way to understand something deeply than to read books on that topic.

I enjoy the goofiness of internet and popular #culture. Twitter is just terrific.

My passing interests in #science, human #psychology, behaviour and decision making in this digital age help in making small talk with strangers.


What is the objective of this blog?

It’s purely selfish. I plan to use this blog as my own entrepreneurial experiment. This is where I want to talk about the things that interest me and keep me awake at night with excitement. I will look forward to interacting and learning from readers and form a community.

I believe #creativity is a combinatorial endeavour. Learning about new things and finding patterns in seemingly unrelated topics can make you smarter and prolong your life-span. Did you notice the hashtags?




Contact Me: You can write to me at rohit [at] bufferedcontent [dot] com


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